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$100,000 Settlement for Personal Injury in San Diego (Won)

Our client Chance (not the rapper) was stopped at a red light when someone slammed into her. Chance did not feel comfortable seeking medical treatment because she was afraid of catching Covid. The pain started to become unbearable so she went to the chiropractor.

Chance started searching online for a personal injury lawyer. Chance saw that HHJ Trial Attorneys was awarded “Best Litigation Firm” by the San Diego Union Tribune. Chance was in awe of this firm and was curious to see what their website looked like. Chance googled HHJ Trial Attorneys and was blown away by all the 5-star reviews. Chance read comment after comment and started to feel like she was part of the HHJ Family. Chance called the law firm and was immediately transferred to an attorney. Chance heard this soft gentle voice start speaking and immediately felt at ease. That attorney, Elliott Jung, told Chance that he was going to take care of her and she did not need to stress about the situation anymore. Chance asked Elliott how much she owed him for all of this white glove service and to retain our law firm. Elliott told Chance that she will not have to pay any money until we win her case.

Elliott reviewed all of the records and told Chance that it would be difficult to recover money because the insurance companies almost never pay the rightful amount when there are only chiropractor appointments. Chance, like the G she is, told Elliott to do his thing and she is not expecting much. Today Elliott surprised Chance with a $100,000 settlement letter.


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