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David Hatfield

Business Development
With a career spanning over two decades, I’ve navigated diverse industries, creating and executing innovative strategies for customer acquisition, marketing, branding, and management strategies. I currently serve as the Director of Marketing and Branding for HHJ Trial Attorneys, where I use my expertise to drive growth, engagement, and brand recognition.

My journey in business began in Del Mar, California, where I established and operated a residential mortgage company and private lending firm for nine years. We expanded to 4 locations with over 35 agents consistently funding over 50 million monthly. During this period, I refined my consumer marketing, branding, customer retention, and relationship management skills, which have proven invaluable throughout my career.

After the crash, I moved to Colorado, where I built the largest energy-efficient lighting company in the state’s history. With 5 locations across the Front Range, we serviced over 1200 large and small business. Over an 8-year span, I oversaw operations, implemented strategic marketing initiatives, and steered the company to become a leading player in the commercial lighting industry.
Upon selling my position in EESI to follow other opportunities, I embarked on a new venture by founding Tradewinds Media with Partner Travis Burke. As the head of the agency, I worked closely with prominent brands such as Toyota, Sony, GoPro, American Express, Alaska Airlines, and top-tier social media influencers to develop and execute groundbreaking ad campaigns. The success of these collaborations underscored my ability to meld traditional and digital marketing strategies effectively, creating memorable and impactful brand experiences.

Regardless of the sector, my professional ethos has consistently centered on applying a robust and adaptable skill set to any business landscape. I am particularly proficient at tailoring marketing strategies to unique customer needs and industry nuances, a capability that has consistently led to successful outcomes in all my endeavors.

In my personal life, I am a documentary photographer, paraglider, skydiver, and musician, embracing a lifestyle that mirrors my professional boldness and creativity. These pursuits fuel my zest for adventure and provide a well-rounded perspective that enriches my approach to business challenges.

I am a seasoned professional with a proven track record in various fields, underscored by my unwavering commitment to customer acquisition, marketing, and management. My adventurous spirit, creative pursuits, and demonstrated success across industries make me a dynamic and effective leader, prepared to deliver exceptional results in any business environment.



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