Elliott Jung

Elliott H. Jung grew up in Los Angeles where he watched his immigrant parents trying to survive in a completely different culture. While his parents struggled to make a living, Elliott grew up watching a number of people take advantage of his parents and his family. Due to these events, there were many times that Elliott and his family almost ended up without a home. But out of those negative events his ability to thrive and survive in some of the worst situations became ingrained into the person that he is today. He not only wanted to thrive for himself but his passion and drive to help other people in need became a part of his identity.

During college, Elliott began searching for a profession that would allow him to help people that were in horrible life situations. He found his life’s calling when he attended law school at Southwestern Law School in downtown Los Angeles. He found a love for the courtroom and advocating for people without a voice.

During law school, Elliott’s skill and ability to be a strong advocate in court was evident right away. He was first accepted to work at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Appellate Unit where he was given the rare opportunity to argue cases in front of a panel of three judges. He was then chosen to work for the Honorable Mark E. Windham handling a variety of criminal matters that were assigned to him by the Judge. After working in the State court system, he was handpicked for a competitive position working for the Honorable Ronald S.W. Lew, Senior United States District Court Judge for the Central District of California where he worked solely on civil cases and gained insight about how judicial decisions were made. He then went from working behind the bench and into a position of advocacy where he got accepted to work for the Federal Public Defender’s Office during his last year of law school. He was involved in defending Federal drug smuggling cases and high profile fraud cases brought by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Elliott’s courtroom abilities continued to shine at law school. He was accepted into a coveted honors program that only accepts around 16 members from the entire law school. He became a member of the Trial Advocacy Honors Program where he was able to compete in trial competitions against other prestigious law schools nationwide. He ended his law school career by receiving 1st place in the region at the American Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Trial Competition and began his journey towards his status as a premiere trial attorney.

As an attorney, Elliott has successfully fought many times against the government and local prosecutors on behalf of his clients. Just after one year of working, he was invited by his office to train other attorneys on the science behind driving under the influence cases and how to specifically combat against expert witnesses who have years of training and educational backgrounds in their field. During his first two years alone as an attorney, he completed a record number of jury trials completing 25+ trials and received the highest number of not guilty verdicts in his entering class. He was fast-tracked to work on high profile and serious cases where the clients were facing multiple life sentences. Elliott has been successful at trial in a variety of cases receiving not guilty verdicts on a large spectrum of cases including charges anywhere from petty thefts and DUIs to more serious charges like robbery, attempted murder, and even manslaughter. Elliott was so successful with his abilities in court and in trial that he was asked by the head supervising attorney at his prior office to step into a high profile murder trial when the trial was in its middle stages. The client was a U.S. Marine facing 1st and 2nd degree murder charges and Elliott stepped into the trial with the approval of the Judge. His ability to be a commanding and effective presence in the courtroom has allowed him to receive the respect of his opponents, his peers, and the bench.

Elliott holds a strong belief in giving back to the next generation of attorneys and their abilities to seek justice for each client. He was invited to teach as an adjunct professor at California Western Law School teaching the school’s main trial skills program and guided law students into becoming an effective advocate for their clients. Elliott also coached law students to compete in local and national trial competitions against other prestigious law schools.

Every year, Elliott has strived to improve his skills as a trial attorney by attending local and national trainings. Elliott is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College which is considered the most prestigious and selective trial advocacy college in the world. He has also helped prepare many other attorneys with their cases and assisted them for both pre-trial and trial work. He continues to learn and continues to teach others how to be an effective and dangerous voice in the courtroom.