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5 Reasons Why Psychological Damages Should Be Part of Your Personal Injury Claim

After suffering injuries in a serious car accident, you’re likely focusing on your physical recovery. However, you cannot ignore the stress, anxiety, and other emotional struggles you’ll endure. Not every victim is aware of the fact that psychological anguish and suffering are also compensatory factors.


Here are the five reasons why our personal injury attorneys believe you should include psychological damages in your personal injury claim:


Reason #1 – You Can Medically Document Psychological Suffering
Stress, anxiety, and depression are medical conditions that doctors can document and help you treat. For example, victims of car accidents often experience PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Symptoms of PTSD can manifest and affect your overall quality of life, requiring you to seek a diagnosis of your condition and medical treatment.


While PTSD is a more extreme outcome, your doctor will certainly take note of other non-traumatic forms of stress. Very severe amounts of anxiety and depression can cause you to deteriorate both mentally and physically. You should always seek additional compensation because you can document the struggles of recovering psychologically from the accident.




Reason #2 – Traumatic Brain Damage
Depending on the severity of the injuries, victims could develop permanent mental disabilities. This can include cognitive damage to the point where someone loses their ability to live and function without someone else’s assistance. Traumatic brain injuries are often life-changing and can also cause a lot of emotional anguish for family members.


Reason #3 – Mental Health Recovery Periods Are Often Unpredictable
Stress, anxiety, and depression can be overwhelming and persistent. Everyone heals from their emotional scars at a different rate. Sometimes, it can take years for the psychological trauma to abate. Focusing on your recovery is one thing, but it can take a lot of time for feelings of grief and sadness to subside.


Reason #4 – The Cost of Ongoing Mental Health Care
The psychological suffering and distress won’t simply disappear overnight. It’s an ongoing battle that requires you to seek treatment from medical professionals. This can include several different things, such as:

  • Weekly or monthly therapy visits
  • Visits to mental health specialists or psychologists
  • Medications that help mitigate your symptoms

Seeking psychological treatment will become pretty costly over time. To make it easier on you financially, you should recover compensation to cover future medical expenses. You should also collect receipts and medical statements for your attorney that indicate how much it costs you to undergo treatment.


Reason #5 – Loss of Income
Severe emotional distress can also affect your ability to work and earn a living. PTSD is particularly detrimental for victims in terms of meeting their job requirements. Depression, anxiety, and stress can affect your sense of focus, motivation, and decision-making skills. In many cases, people struggling with emotional trauma fail to move on from the accident, deterring them from working.




Seeking Compensation for Your Emotional Suffering
Were you recently involved in an accident? The experts at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego can help you recover compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will immediately begin reviewing the facts of your case. Then, we’ll determine the best course of action and get the entire process started.


Testimonial from Michael, Accident Victim in San Diego
I would like to give HHJ Trial Attorneys, in particular Elliot Jung, Esq., a heartfelt thank you for your help in resolving my accident/injury settlement case. Thank you! Mr. Jung was thorough, professional, and stayed with my case long after I had thought it wasn’t possible. I appreciate the dedication and grant my full recommendation. Job well done, thank you again!

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