5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Accident Insurance Claim Was Denied

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It is a legal requirement for every driver to carry car insurance of some kind. When accidents occur, we expect our car insurers company to be there for us. Isn’t it their job to protect us from the financial fallout of losing a vehicle to a car accident? Shouldn’t they shield us from exorbitant medical fees? 

Unfortunately, if you’ve recently had a claim denied, you now know firsthand that this principle isn’t always true. Why did your insurance company deny your claim?

1. The Insurer Determined You Were at Fault

One of the most common reasons to find a claim denial letter in your mailbox is that your insurer made the determination that you caused the accident. For example, there may be evidence that you ran a red light, or perhaps the police cited you for reckless driving following the accident. Using statements that you made, the insurance company may construe something that you said as an admission of guilt. This is a common reason for denials—and the company’s conclusions are not always correct. 

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2. You Don’t Have a Diagnosis or Relevant Medical Records

If the claim that you made included a request for compensation for medical care that you needed following the accident, you will need to supply evidence from a doctor. This evidence could be a diagnosis, such as a whiplash injury, or records from the hospital that demonstrate that you received treatment for an accident-related injury. If you cannot furnish any of these documents, the insurance agency has no choice but to deny your claim based on a lack of evidence. Always seek out medical treatment and document your injuries when you’ve been hurt in an accident. 

3. The Policy Wasn’t Sufficient to Pay the Claim

Severe accidents that destroy your vehicle and leave you severely injured can lead to damages that escalate to a point beyond the insurance policy’s coverage limits. You might receive an offer for the limited amount, or the insurer may simply deny your claim outright. In such situations, it is essential to consider your legal options for recourse. You may not be able to get more money from the insurer, but a lawsuit may provide new pathways to paying for your injuries and pain and suffering.  

4. The Liability for the Accident Is in Doubt

In some cases, the insurer doesn’t know who was at fault because of incomplete evidence or conflicting statements. As a result, they may issue a denial on your claim because they believe that there is a reasonable chance that you caused the accident. A car accident lawyer may be able to help you sort out the truth and amend your claim so that you can obtain a recovery.

5. You Weren’t Up-to-Date on Your Insurance Payments – “Lapse in Coverage” 

You must stay up-to-date on insurance payments for your policy to remain in force. If you’ve missed payments or have a chronic habit of late payments, your insurer may outright deny any claims that you issue during the delinquent period. Beware! Your insurance policy only offers protection when you’ve taken the appropriate steps to keep your account in good standing.

Finding Help When Your Claim Is Denied

In most cases, the insurance company’s decision is final, especially if you were at fault or the insurer has determined that your claim is not valid under the terms of your policy. However, in other cases, you have legal options at your disposal. 

At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we have a wealth of experience in negotiating with insurance companies and fighting them in court when necessary. To learn about your options and discuss the facts of your case, please contact us today.

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