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San Diego Drowning Accident Attorneys Here To Assist You

Unsurprisingly, many Southern California residents enjoy a quick dip in their pools when the temperatures rise. In San Diego, you can enjoy a pool getaway or take a trip down to the beach for some swimming and relaxation along the shore.

Unfortunately, drowning accidents occur, and the consequences are often fatal. While you cannot prevent all drownings, most are avoidable.

You may be entitled to financial compensation if you or a loved one suffered a drowning or near-drowning accident that caused serious injuries. Let’s explore the causes of drowning accidents, possible compensation, and what a San Diego drowning accident attorney can do for you.

What Causes Drowning Accidents?

Drowning accidents can impact many people, most often small children. In San Diego County, there were 31 deaths, 52 hospitalizations, and 112 emergency room visits due to drowning accidents in 2021.


Common causes of drowning accidents in pools or the ocean include:


  • No fencing or barriers around private pools
  • Improper pool maintenance
  • Unsafe drains with forceful suction
  • Lack of supervision
  • Incorrect signage, such as lifeguard hours, pool safety levels, etc.
  • Lack of adequately trained personnel


Drowning accidents can devastate the loved ones of victims and cause irreparable damage to those involved. If you or someone you love was involved in a drowning accident, you should hold the parties who failed to maintain the proper duty of care responsible. Talking with a San Diego drowning accident attorney can help.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Drowning Accident?

It depends mostly on where the drowning accident occurred, whether a private pool, public swimming pool, or beach.


Some of the people you can hold liable after a drowning accident include:

Pool Owner

Ownership includes the responsibility of maintaining the pool and taking the proper precautions to ensure it’s safe for people on their property. This duty could mean installing appropriate barriers, having a pool cover, and the correct pool maintenance.

Pool Manufacturer

If a pool manufacturer produces defective pool parts or pools that malfunction, they can be held liable for drowning accidents on the premise of product liability.

Local Government

In public swimming pools and beaches, signs and lifeguards are often posted to protect swimmers while enjoying the pool. If a lifeguard is not on duty according to signs or incorrect or damaged signage, drowning accidents may fall on the local government in charge of the public pools or beaches. When a drowning accident occurs, many parties can be held liable.


It all comes down to proving that one party failed to maintain their duty of care. Whether it is a private pool owner, the pool company that manufactured parts or a public pool, bringing the liable parties forward can help obtain financial compensation. Although monetary compensation cannot erase the traumatic events that unfolded, it can help with medical expenses and more.

What are Common Injuries From a Drowning Accident?

The most common result of a drowning accident is death due to a lack of oxygen to the lungs, resulting in cardiac arrest. However, there can also be injuries from a drowning accident, which do not result in loss of life. When these injuries occur, the accident is called a near-drowning accident.


  • Hypoxia is one of the significant damages from drowning, sometimes leading to death. It could also affect the brain, heart, and other tissues and occasionally causes lung and brain damage.
  • There may also be skeletal, soft tissue, head, and internal injuries.
  • Spine injuries.


Survivors of drowning accidents could live on with serious injuries. When drowning accidents happen, no words can describe the emotional trauma to those involved or present at the scene, which could contribute to the claim.


If your loved one passed away from a drowning accident, you may consider sitting down with a personal injury attorney to discuss a claim. Wrongful death claims in California have a 2-year statute of limitations, so don’t want to wait too long to file a drowning accident claim.

How Much Compensation Is Awarded?

The compensation for a drowning accident can vary. There are many factors to consider, specifically if the person involved passed away. Some of the factors considered in a drowning accident wrongful death claim include:


  • Funeral expenses
  • If the deceased was the sole breadwinner of the family
  • Medical expenses
  • The deceased’s pain and suffering
  • Grief counseling for family and loved ones
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish and trauma


No amount of money can make up for losing a loved one, but it can help family members and others grieve without worrying about possible financial strain. If a person was seriously injured due to a near-drowning accident, they may also recover damages, such as:


  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Physical therapy
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering


Financial compensation in the case of a drowning or near-drowning accident can bring some financial relief in incredibly tough times. To learn more about how much a near-drowning accident or a loved one’s wrongful death drowning accident claim may be valued, speak to a San Diego drowning accident attorney.

A San Diego drowning accident attorney can help explain how the claim develops and your legal options. If you’re looking for a team of legal experts to provide representation in the case of a wrongful death drowning claim, call HHJ Trial Attorneys.


Our lawyers are dedicated to our clients and fully committed to fighting for their rights to financial compensation after a severe accident. We make sure to be in our clients’ corner, always letting them know about the progress of their claims and answering their questions every step of the way.


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