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HHJ Trial Attorneys proudly serve victims who have suffered from serious injuries. HHJ is one of San Diego’s premiere personal injury law firms.  We’ve obtained over ten million dollars for our clients within the last 4 years alone and have been voted the Best Litigation Firm for the last 3 years through the San Diego Union Tribune. All three partners have been voted as Super Lawyers and have received coverage from local and national news outlets.

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Khala BarkusKhala Barkus
19:33 25 Sep 22
Michael and his team were so great during this entire process. They helped me to get a pretty significant settlement from my case and they were never delayed in any of the processes. I am confident that had I not "fired" the first attorney that I started to work with and called HHJ trail attorneys, I would not have gotten the results that I got with HHJ. You can't go wrong with working with these guys to settle your case.
21:09 25 Aug 22
Michael and the HHJ staff were extremely helpful from the start of my case less than a year ago. From the time I had my accident, to having doctor appointments set up to the final conclusion, it couldn’t have been a smoother process from beginning to end. Michael is very detailed and organized and always has your best interest at heart. He is very responsive and is always on top of it. I didn’t have to do much other than show up to my doctor appts and respond with info that was needed. I would without a beat use Michael and his team again if needed. HHJ is the best in Southern California!
Claudia LopezClaudia Lopez
21:41 08 Jul 22
Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm, HHJ Trial Attorneys, took on our legal case. Mr. Adam Hepburn came recommended, luckily. We can't thank Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm for their stellar work throughout our entire legal case. If I had any questions or concerns, Mr. Adam Hepburn would quickly address my concerns either via email, cell phone or even on text. Mr. Adam Hepburn was very truthful, thoughtful when explaining the facts of my case, and extremely professional. If you're on the fence with hiring Adam Hepburn and his firm, don't be, he's the best in the field. Adam won my case! Must hire him and his firm if you need his type of services.
15:00 20 Apr 22
Michael and the team at HHJ Trial Attorneys have taken the best care of our Clients after they have being involved in road accidents. The care, attention and commitment they provide to all their clients is extraordinary as are their life enhancing results - HHJ Trial Attorneys = Best In Class.
Anne FranksAnne Franks
14:41 20 Apr 22
Michael at HHJ Trial Attorneys is a professional Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers group. This group is very is highly recommended! They are very professional compared to other firms. If you are looking for a quality group of attorneys that will get the job done, this is the one to call!

San Diego's Best Employment Lawyers Enforcing Employment Laws

If you find yourself facing employment-related challenges in the vibrant city of San Diego, look no further than HHJ Trial Attorneys to guide you through the complexities of employment law. Our dedicated team of San Diego employment lawyers at HHJ Trial Attorneys is committed to providing comprehensive legal support and advocacy for employees navigating issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and wage disputes. With a proven track record of success and a client-focused approach, we understand the nuances of California employment law and stand ready to help you assert your rights. Whether you are an employee seeking justice or an employer seeking legal counsel, HHJ Trial Attorneys is your trusted partner in the realm of employment law.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law, also known as labor law, is a branch of legal regulations that govern the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace. The primary purpose of employment law is to ensure fair and equitable treatment of workers and to establish a balance of power between employers and employees.

Key aspects of employment law include:

Employment Contracts: The legal relationship between employers and employees is often defined by employment contracts. These contracts typically outline terms and conditions of employment, such as wages, working hours, benefits, and termination procedures.

Discrimination and Equal Opportunity: Employment laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on factors such as race, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. They promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all employees.

Wages and Benefits: Employment laws address issues related to minimum wage, overtime pay, and benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and leave entitlements. These regulations vary by jurisdiction.

Workplace Safety: Laws related to workplace safety and health aim to protect employees from hazardous working conditions. Employers are often required to adhere to specific safety standards and provide a safe working environment.

Working Hours and Overtime: Employment laws may regulate the maximum number of working hours, rest breaks, and overtime pay to prevent exploitation and ensure a work-life balance.

Termination and Unfair Dismissal: Regulations govern the process of terminating employment, including notice periods, severance pay, and protection against unfair dismissal. There are often legal procedures that employers must follow to terminate an employee.

Collective Bargaining: Employment laws often address the rights of employees to engage in collective bargaining, allowing them to negotiate with employers regarding working conditions, wages, and other terms of employment.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Laws may protect the privacy rights of employees and regulate the collection and use of personal information in the workplace.

Family and Medical Leave: Many jurisdictions have laws that provide employees with the right to take leave for family or medical reasons without risking their job security.

Whistleblower Protection: Employment laws may include provisions to protect employees who report illegal or unethical activities within their organizations.

These are just a few examples, and the specifics of employment law can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction. It’s essential for both employers and employees to be aware of and comply with relevant employment laws to ensure a fair and lawful working environment.

When Should I Reach Out to a San Diego Employment Lawyer?

You may consider reaching out to a San Diego employment lawyer under various circumstances, depending on the nature of your concerns or issues related to employment. Here are some situations where seeking legal advice from an employment lawyer may be beneficial:

  1. Wrongful Termination: If you believe you were terminated from your job unfairly, perhaps due to discrimination, retaliation, or a violation of your employment contract, consulting with an employment lawyer can help you understand your rights and potential legal actions.

  2. Discrimination or Harassment: If you have experienced discrimination, harassment, or a hostile work environment based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, disability, or other protected characteristics, an employment lawyer can guide you on how to address these issues and pursue legal remedies.

  3. Wage and Hour Disputes: If you have concerns about unpaid wages, overtime violations, or other issues related to compensation and working hours, an employment lawyer can help you navigate wage and hour laws and pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

  4. Contract Disputes: If you have issues related to your employment contract, such as disputes over terms, non-compete clauses, severance agreements, or other contractual matters, an employment lawyer can review your contract and provide guidance.

  5. Whistleblower Protections: If you’ve reported illegal or unethical activities within your organization and are facing retaliation, an employment lawyer can help you understand your rights and protections under whistleblower laws.

  6. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Issues: If you believe your rights under FMLA are being violated, or if you are facing retaliation for taking family or medical leave, consulting with an employment lawyer can provide clarity on your situation.

  7. Workplace Safety Concerns: If you have concerns about unsafe working conditions and your employer has not addressed them appropriately, an employment lawyer can help you understand your rights and potential courses of action.

  8. Collective Action or Class Action Lawsuits: If you believe that a group of employees shares similar legal concerns, such as widespread wage violations or discrimination, an employment lawyer can advise on the possibility of collective or class action lawsuits.

  9. Employer Compliance: Employers may consult employment lawyers to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws, helping them establish policies and procedures that adhere to legal standards.

It’s important to consult with an employment lawyer early in the process, as they can provide valuable guidance on your rights, potential legal actions, and strategies for resolution. Keep in mind that employment laws can be complex and may vary, so seeking professional legal advice tailored to your specific situation is crucial.

Can a San Diego Employment Lawyer Tell Me If I Have a Case?

Yes, a San Diego employment lawyer can help you determine if you have a viable legal case related to employment issues. When you consult with an employment lawyer, the first step typically involves discussing the details of your situation. This may include the circumstances leading to your concerns, any relevant documents, and your employment history.

The lawyer will assess the facts of your case in the context of applicable employment laws. For instance, they may review information related to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, or any other potential legal claims. They will consider factors such as the specific laws that apply to your situation and the strength of the evidence you can provide.

The lawyer will use their expertise to analyze whether your situation meets the legal criteria for a valid claim. They can identify potential legal violations and advise you on the merits of pursuing legal action. Additionally, they will inform you of your rights and the options available to address the issues you’re facing.

It’s important to note that not all workplace disputes necessarily lead to legal action. Some issues may be resolved through alternative means, such as negotiation, mediation, or filing a complaint with an administrative agency. An employment lawyer can guide you on the most appropriate course of action based on the specifics of your case.

Ultimately, consulting with a San Diego employment lawyer is a crucial step in understanding your legal standing and potential remedies. They can provide you with an informed assessment of your situation and help you make informed decisions about how to proceed, whether that involves negotiation, filing a complaint, or pursuing legal action in court.

How Much is My Employment Law Case Worth?

The value of an employment law case can vary significantly based on various factors specific to your situation. Employment law cases typically involve seeking compensation for damages suffered due to wrongful actions by an employer. The potential value of your case will depend on several key elements that an attorney can help you assess.

Firstly, the nature of the alleged wrongdoing plays a significant role. Cases involving severe forms of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination may have higher potential values, especially if they result in significant emotional distress or financial loss.

Secondly, the economic damages you’ve incurred are a crucial factor. This includes tangible losses such as unpaid wages, benefits, or overtime, as well as any financial hardships resulting from the employer’s actions. Calculating these losses accurately is essential in determining the potential monetary value of your case.

Non-economic damages, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, and reputational harm, also contribute to the overall worth of your case. These damages can be more challenging to quantify but are important components in assessing the full impact of the alleged wrongdoing.

The strength of the evidence you can provide is another crucial factor. Clear and compelling evidence, such as documentation of discriminatory practices, emails, witness statements, or a well-documented history of events, can significantly strengthen your case and potentially increase its value.

Additionally, the jurisdiction in which your case is filed can influence its potential worth. Different regions may have varying legal standards, statutory damages, and precedents that impact the overall value of employment law cases.

Consulting with an employment lawyer is crucial to understanding the specific factors that contribute to the potential value of your case. They can evaluate the merits of your claims, assess the damages you’ve suffered, and provide an estimate of the compensation you may be entitled to pursue. Keep in mind that each case is unique, and your attorney will tailor their assessment to the specific details of your situation.

What Type of Evidence Do I Need to Give a San Diego Employment Attorney?

When consulting with a San Diego employment attorney, it is crucial to present relevant and compelling evidence to build a strong case. The nature of your employment dispute will determine the specific evidence required. Begin by maintaining a detailed record of events, including dates, times, locations, and individuals involved. This documentation should cover incidents of discrimination, harassment, or any actions contributing to the employment dispute. Preserve written communication such as emails, memos, or any other documentation that supports your case.

If you have an employment contract, employee handbook, or written policies provided by your employer, these documents are invaluable. They establish the terms and conditions of your employment, serving as a foundation for evaluating whether your rights were violated. Include any performance reviews, evaluations, or feedback received during your employment, as positive reviews can demonstrate competence, and negative reviews may be examined for fair treatment.

For cases involving wage and hour disputes, provide records of work hours, pay stubs, and agreements related to overtime. If there were witnesses to the events, collect statements from individuals who can corroborate your account. Witness statements enhance credibility and strengthen your case. In cases involving workplace harassment or discrimination leading to emotional distress, relevant medical records may be necessary.

If there is physical evidence, such as photographs or videos related to the events in question, provide these to your attorney. Additionally, include any correspondence with the human resources department, such as emails, letters, or notes from meetings. If your case involves wrongful termination, retain documentation related to your termination, including termination letters, notices, or any communication explaining the reasons for dismissal. Finally, provide copies of any agreements or contracts related to your employment, such as non-compete agreements, severance agreements, or confidentiality agreements. Early consultation with your attorney will help determine the specific evidence needed for your case, allowing for a more focused and effective legal strategy.


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