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HHJ Trial Attorneys proudly serve victims who have suffered from serious injuries. HHJ is one of San Diego’s premiere personal injury law firms.  We’ve obtained over ten million dollars for our clients within the last 4 years alone and have been voted the Best Litigation Firm for the last 3 years through the San Diego Union Tribune. All three partners have been voted as Super Lawyers and have received coverage from local and national news outlets.

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Khala BarkusKhala Barkus
19:33 25 Sep 22
Michael and his team were so great during this entire process. They helped me to get a pretty significant settlement from my case and they were never delayed in any of the processes. I am confident that had I not "fired" the first attorney that I started to work with and called HHJ trail attorneys, I would not have gotten the results that I got with HHJ. You can't go wrong with working with these guys to settle your case.
21:09 25 Aug 22
Michael and the HHJ staff were extremely helpful from the start of my case less than a year ago. From the time I had my accident, to having doctor appointments set up to the final conclusion, it couldn’t have been a smoother process from beginning to end. Michael is very detailed and organized and always has your best interest at heart. He is very responsive and is always on top of it. I didn’t have to do much other than show up to my doctor appts and respond with info that was needed. I would without a beat use Michael and his team again if needed. HHJ is the best in Southern California!
Claudia LopezClaudia Lopez
21:41 08 Jul 22
Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm, HHJ Trial Attorneys, took on our legal case. Mr. Adam Hepburn came recommended, luckily. We can't thank Mr. Adam Hepburn and his firm for their stellar work throughout our entire legal case. If I had any questions or concerns, Mr. Adam Hepburn would quickly address my concerns either via email, cell phone or even on text. Mr. Adam Hepburn was very truthful, thoughtful when explaining the facts of my case, and extremely professional. If you're on the fence with hiring Adam Hepburn and his firm, don't be, he's the best in the field. Adam won my case! Must hire him and his firm if you need his type of services.
15:00 20 Apr 22
Michael and the team at HHJ Trial Attorneys have taken the best care of our Clients after they have being involved in road accidents. The care, attention and commitment they provide to all their clients is extraordinary as are their life enhancing results - HHJ Trial Attorneys = Best In Class.
Anne FranksAnne Franks
14:41 20 Apr 22
Michael at HHJ Trial Attorneys is a professional Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers group. This group is very is highly recommended! They are very professional compared to other firms. If you are looking for a quality group of attorneys that will get the job done, this is the one to call!

San Marcos's Best Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

At HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Marcos, we understand the traumatic and life-altering impact a pedestrian accident can have on an individual and their loved ones. As dedicated advocates with a deep commitment to justice, our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in navigating the complex landscape of pedestrian accident cases. With a profound understanding of California’s legal system and a relentless drive to secure the best possible outcome for our clients, we offer personalized and compassionate representation. Our goal is to shoulder the legal burden so that you can focus on your recovery, ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard throughout this challenging time.

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen in California?

Pedestrian accidents in California, as in many places, can occur due to a variety of factors. Some of the common reasons include:

  1. Distracted Driving: Drivers distracted by their phones, other passengers, or other activities are less likely to notice pedestrians.

  2. Speeding: Higher speeds make it more difficult for drivers to stop in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

  3. Impaired Driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly impairs reaction times and decision-making abilities.

  4. Poor Visibility: Accidents are more likely to occur at night or in bad weather conditions when visibility is low.

  5. Ignoring Traffic Signals or Signs: Both drivers and pedestrians who ignore traffic lights, stop signs, and other road signals can inadvertently cause accidents.

  6. Lack of Infrastructure: In areas without proper pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, or lighting, pedestrians are at higher risk.

  7. Distracted Walking: Pedestrians distracted by their phones or other devices may not pay attention to traffic.

  8. High Traffic Areas: Dense urban areas with heavy traffic can increase the likelihood of pedestrian accidents.

  9. Road Design: Some roads are designed in a way that makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, especially in areas where there are sudden turns or obscured crosswalks.

  10. Failure to Yield Right of Way: Both drivers and pedestrians can be at fault for not yielding when appropriate.

Understanding and addressing these factors is crucial for improving pedestrian safety and reducing the number of accidents.

What Injuries Are Often Associated with Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents can result in a range of injuries, some of which can be quite severe due to the vulnerability of pedestrians compared to motor vehicles. Common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents include:

  1. Head Injuries: These can range from minor concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), often resulting from the pedestrian’s head striking the vehicle or the ground.

  2. Spinal Cord Injuries: Such injuries can lead to varying degrees of paralysis and long-term disability, depending on the level and severity of the spinal cord damage.

  3. Broken Bones: Fractures are very common in pedestrian accidents, especially in the legs, arms, hips, and pelvis, due to the impact with the vehicle and the ground.

  4. Internal Injuries: Internal bleeding or damage to internal organs can occur, especially from blunt force trauma.

  5. Lacerations and Abrasions: Cuts and scrapes can be caused by the initial impact or by being dragged along the road surface.

  6. Soft Tissue Injuries: These include sprains, strains, and bruises, often resulting from the body twisting or being thrown.

  7. Psychological Trauma: Beyond physical injuries, victims of pedestrian accidents may also suffer from psychological impacts like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

  8. Facial Injuries: Injuries to the face can occur, including dental injuries, jaw fractures, and eye injuries, often caused by hitting the windshield, hood, or the road.

  9. Amputations: In severe cases, limbs may be crushed or severely damaged, requiring surgical amputation.

  10. Death: Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can also result in fatalities due to the severity of the injuries.

The severity of these injuries can depend on various factors, such as the speed of the vehicle at the time of impact, the area of the body hit, the health and age of the pedestrian, and the immediate medical response. Recovery from such injuries can be a long and difficult process, often requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Why Should I Hire a San Marcos, CA Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer in San Marcos, CA, can be highly beneficial if you’re involved in a pedestrian accident. These lawyers specialize in understanding the complexities of pedestrian accident cases, including the specific traffic laws and regulations in California. They can provide expert guidance and representation, which is crucial in navigating the often challenging legal landscape.

One of the primary reasons to hire a specialized lawyer is their expertise in assessing and proving liability. In pedestrian accident cases, determining who is at fault can be complex. A skilled lawyer will investigate the accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case to establish liability, whether it’s the driver’s negligence, a problem with road design, or other factors.

Furthermore, pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries, leading to significant medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term rehabilitation costs. A pedestrian accident lawyer will have the experience to accurately assess the full extent of your damages. They can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation. Insurance companies often aim to minimize payouts, and without legal representation, you might end up settling for less than you deserve.

Additionally, a lawyer can handle all legal proceedings, including filing claims, representing you in court if necessary, and ensuring that all legal requirements and deadlines are met. This legal support is especially important in California, where specific state laws and statutes can affect your case.

Lastly, having a lawyer by your side provides peace of mind during a stressful and challenging time. They can offer support and guidance, allowing you to focus on your recovery while they handle the legal aspects of your case.

In summary, a pedestrian accident lawyer in San Marcos, CA, brings specialized knowledge, experience in dealing with insurance companies, expertise in legal procedures, and the ability to secure fair compensation, all of which are crucial for effectively handling your case and supporting your recovery.

Should I Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in San Marcos, CA or Just Represent Myself?

Deciding whether to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer in San Marcos, CA, or to represent yourself is an important decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your case. While self-representation is a legal right, there are several factors to consider that often make hiring a specialized lawyer a more advantageous choice.

Firstly, pedestrian accident cases can be complex and involve navigating intricate legal and insurance systems. Lawyers specializing in this field have a deep understanding of California’s specific traffic laws and regulations, as well as experience dealing with insurance companies. They are skilled in gathering evidence, negotiating settlements, and presenting cases in court. This expertise is particularly vital when it comes to proving liability and navigating the nuances of state-specific legislation that can affect your case.

Furthermore, pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries, which can lead to extensive medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. A qualified lawyer will have the experience to accurately assess the full extent of your damages, ensuring that all potential costs are accounted for in any settlement. Insurance companies are known for their efforts to minimize payouts, and a lawyer can effectively counter these tactics, negotiating to secure the best possible compensation for you.

Representing yourself, while financially tempting, may be challenging, especially if you are recovering from injuries. It involves a significant investment of time and effort to understand legal procedures, file paperwork, meet deadlines, and build a compelling case. Any misstep in this process can be detrimental to the outcome of your case.

Lastly, the emotional and physical toll of being involved in an accident should not be underestimated. Having a lawyer handle the legal aspects allows you to focus on your recovery without the added stress of legal proceedings. A lawyer can provide peace of mind, knowing that a professional is advocating for your best interests.

In conclusion, while self-representation is an option, the complexities of pedestrian accident cases, combined with the expertise and negotiation skills of a specialized lawyer, often make hiring legal representation in San Marcos, CA, a more effective choice for securing a fair and favorable outcome.


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