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6 Steps to Take Following a Self-Driving Car Accident

Self-driving cars are a lot more prevalent than ever before, and they were introduced to improve safety standards. However, the unfortunate truth is that serious accidents involving autonomous vehicles occur all the time. There’s still work to be done to minimize errors, and you shouldn’t assume that these cars are completely safe.

When self-driving car accidents occur, our self-driving car accident attorneys in San Diego strongly recommend that you should follow six crucial steps. Here’s what they include:


Step #1 – Call the Police
It’s always advised that you contact law enforcement before taking matters into your own hands. They’ll immediately investigate what happened when they arrive and document their findings. Police will speak with all parties involved before they provide you with a copy of their report.


Step #2 – Exchange Information
You should then exchange insurance information with the other parties involved in the accident. This step ensures that you can go through the proper channels to recover the damages and prevent any complications at a later time. It’s also advised that you keep the talking to a minimum and never admit that you’re at fault.


Step #3 – Take Pictures of the Scene
Even if the accident was minor, you should always take pictures of the aftermath. This includes obtaining photographic evidence of the vehicle damage and injuries you sustained during the crash. You should also consider doing a video walkthrough of the entire scene to ensure that you don’t overlook any evidence.


Step #4 – Speak to Witnesses
Don’t be afraid to speak to witnesses and ask them to describe what they saw. Make sure that they explain everything in detail. You should write down the following information:


  • Their full name
  • The time and date in which you spoke with them
  • Details on what they witnessed


You can also use your smartphone to record every witness statement that you obtain. You should also ask if they’ll testify on your behalf if your case goes to court (which doesn’t happen often).


Step #5 – Seek Medical Attention
This is perhaps the most crucial step. Even if you feel fine and appear uninjured, you should still seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Victims often won’t become aware of their injuries until days or weeks later. You should always screen yourself for any underlying conditions that can worsen over time.




Step #6 – Contact an Attorney
If you were injured in a self-driving car accident, now’s the time to contact an attorney. It’s always better for you to take care of your legal obligations sooner rather than later. A personal injury attorney can help you obtain the full compensation, which will cover your medical bills and other expenses.


Even a brief consultation can make a huge difference in your case. Go ahead and contact the offices of HHJ Trial Attorneys here in San Diego if you need representation right now. Our team of experts will help you navigate the legal process and fight for every penny you deserve.


Schedule an appointment with us today, and we can begin building your case. Taking action right away ensures that you can hold anyone who’s at fault accountable.


Testimonial from Cynthia, Car Accident Victim in San Diego 

I can’t say enough about HHJ. I got in an accident and hurt my wrist which turned into a nightmare. I didn’t have an attorney for over a year figuring I could do it myself, but the insurance company was awful. A friend told me I should call Adam Hepburn at HHJ and after meeting him I finally felt stress free. Adam and his firm took care of everything and even helped me see a few specialists which really helped in my recovery. Within 5 months the insurance company paid their full policy and I finally got to put this behind me. I am so thankful for Adam and HHJ and I will tell everyone about how amazing they are. If you need a car accident attorney in Carlsbad or North County San Diego, this is the best firm you could ever hope for. Thanks so much HHJ!


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