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Our client Bri was a passenger in a car driving through Mission Valley. Out of nowhere, this car pulled out of a parking lot and slammed into her. The car that Bri was sitting in travelled the distance of almost two football fields in less than 3.4 seconds before the crash.  Bri felt pain in her chest caused by the seat belt. She was taken to the hospital and learned that she had 2 broken ribs. 

Bri went to her dad for advice on what to do. Bri’s dad is a highly respected police officer. He told Bri that she needs to call HHJ Trial Attorneys. Bri was skeptical of the process and didn’t expect much. To Bri’s surprise, we quickly got the full $25,000.00 policy limits from the at-fault driver’s policy. What she didn’t know, was we were able to get another $100,000.00 from her driver’s under insured motorist coverage. 

If you or anyone you know has been involved in a collision, please get in touch with us today.

Tesla Model X Crash Car Injury $125,000 Settlement

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