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The Role a Settlement Demand Letter Plays on Your Claim

Personal injury laws are complex and often tricky to navigate for anyone without legal experience. Most people don’t even know about demand letters, which are more significant than you think. In fact, writing a demand letter is how you initiate the process of filing an insurance claim.


So, what role does a settlement demand letter play in your case? You can expedite the entire claims process if it’s written well and outlines all your requests. Here’s why demand letters are critical:


Injuries, Medical Costs, and Other Damages

Once you realize and understand the full scope of your injuries from an accident, your personal injury attorney should issue your demand letter. It should also include information that forecasts additional damages that you could incur. For example, it’s common for people to uncover other medical complications later on, which could require further treatment.


You also don’t want too much time to pass before submitting your settlement demand letter. However, your attorney will also want to take some time to calculate all the financial damages from the accident. This includes your medical debt and all other expenses that need to be covered.


Initiating Negotiations

Once you issue your settlement demand letter, you’ll have to wait for a reply from the insurance company. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely that all your demands will be accepted immediately. Instead, your attorney will likely receive a counteroffer, which you don’t have to accept if it doesn’t compensate you adequately.


Your attorney and the insurance company will then begin the negotiation process. This will continue until both parties agree on the final settlement amount. Remember, the insurance company could deny your claim entirely, in which case your attorney will have to file a lawsuit and begin the process of litigation.



Settlement demand letters also contain information showing that someone else is at fault for causing the accident. It also lays out exactly why you have the right to compensation for your injuries and other damages. You must also include documented information and other facts from your case proving that you’re not liable.


A Thorough Review of Your Claim

Demand letters typically contain details about the accident in which you suffered damages. You’re essentially presenting your side of the story, which includes everything from beginning to end. Having concrete evidence should also support and corroborate your version of events.


A demand letter also has a polite tone and refrains from expressing frustration or anger. Any communications that take place are typically handled professionally. However, your letter should also state that you won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit if the two sides can’t agree on a settlement.


Get Help Writing Your Demand Letter

It would be best to let the insurance companies know that you mean business, so you need an expert in your corner. Here at HHJ Trial Attorneys, we assist a wide range of clients in San Diego who suffered serious injuries from accidents. We oversee cases involving car crashes, wrongful deaths, sexual assault, and more.


There’s no need to worry when it comes to writing an effective demand letter. We can handle everything on your behalf, including procuring evidence and settlement negotiations. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss how we can strengthen your claim.


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