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More Than a Dozen Die in Severe Imperial County Accident

Imperial County Mass Accident

In an incident that quickly made national news, a Ford Expedition SUV traveling near SR 115 crossed the center line and collided directly with a tractor-trailer hauling a large and heavy load of gravel. The ensuing carnage of the crash left at least 13 people dead and more than a dozen others injured. According to authorities, everyone involved in the accident sustained some form of injury.

The numbers are staggering and represent one of the deadliest incidents in California traffic history. Several outlets reported it was the largest mass casualty event on the roads near the United States-Mexico board in decades. California Highway Patrol reported that they believed the Expedition was carrying as many as 27 passengers in total. Such numbers would require significant modification to the vehicle’s interior, such as the removal of seats and safety belts.

The chaotic nature of the scene and the large number of casualties led to discrepancies in reporting regarding the number dead. However, it is known that at least 13 people died, and a dozen more were injured. The driver of the truck struck by the SUV also received injuries that required hospitalization for treatment. An investigation into the crash and the facts that led to the incident remains ongoing. 

Accidents involving the uninsured, and especially those involving foreign nationals near the border, can lead to dramatic consequences that change lives. This latest incident, an outsized tragedy, is, unfortunately, a sign of ongoing concerns near border regions that may endanger drivers on the road even when they are fully engaged with obeying traffic laws. If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of an accident where negligence or illegal activity may have played a role, contact a personal injury attorney from HHJ Trial Attorneys today for a free consultation regarding the facts of your case. 

Source: https://nbcpalmsprings.com/2021/03/02/mass-casualtycar-crash-in-imperial-county/

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