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Who can I pursue if I’m a victim of a sexual assault? 


My name is Elliott Jung and I am a sexual assault attorney in San Diego as well as one of the law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys and today I want to talk about if you are the victim of a sexual assault, which individual or what entity can I pursue? 


Well, obviously the perpetrator of, the perp, the defendant – you have a claim against because you’ve been assaulted. But outside of that you have to take a look at what entity, what organization was overseeing and controlling this individual.  Most of the time we are seeing this with minors where we have teachers, staff, people that have a close relationship or close access to these individuals. As sexual assault attorneys, we will also take a look at – have there been prior complaints? Are there prior incidents? Was there a lack of control and connection between the entity or the employer and the employee?


Those are the individuals and the entities that we should be looking at in regards to your claim. If you have any questions at all, book your appointment with one of our sexual assault attorneys in San Diego today.


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