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5 Reasons You Need to Call a Personal Injury Attorney Before You Settle With Your Insurance Company

You have been recently negotiating a settlement with an insurance provider to resolve your personal injury claim. The amount of compensation you will receive seems fair and adequate, but you are also second-guessing yourself and wondering if you deserve more money. The truth is that you shouldn’t prematurely agree to an offer and instead, speak with a personal injury attorney to determine the maximum settlement amount that you should claim.


You shouldn’t leave any money on the table when negotiating with the insurance companies. Here are five reasons why you need to consult a personal injury attorney in San Diego before you agree to a settlement offer:


Reason #1 to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney — Insurance Adjusters Are Working Against You
Regardless of the type of personal injury claim you file, the insurance company doesn’t want to provide you with the full policy amount, and they will try to coax you into accepting an offer that comes up well short of what you deserve. Insurance providers, especially corporate entities, are profit-driven and answer to their shareholders; they want to pay out the minimum amount of money. The insurance adjusters representing the company will search for anything that works in their favor and disqualifies you from receiving the full compensation you deserve. There are several ways a personal injury attorney can help settle your claim if you’re being treated unfairly by the insurance company.


Reason #2 to Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney — Recovering the Maximum Amount of Money
Personal injury attorneys have plenty of experience when it comes to negotiating settlements with insurance adjusters. They can review your case and strategize the ways in which you can recover full compensation. Their ultimate goal is to maximize the amount of your personal injury settlement, and they will fight for every penny that you deserve.



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Reason #3 to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney — Never Pursue a Claim on Your Own
When filing a personal injury claim on your own, certain obstacles are bound to arise. You wouldn’t need to hire an attorney if the process was simple and straightforward. The truth is that personal injury lawyers in Carlsbad know all the tricks of the trade, and they understand the tactics used by insurance adjusters to pay you as little as possible.


Reason #4 to Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney — You Can’t Withdraw from an Agreement
Once the insurance company proposes a settlement, and you agree to it, there is no going back. It’s pretty common for claimants to accept an offer prematurely; they are often desperate for money after missing time from work and racking up a lot of medical debt. However, you shouldn’t agree to the very first settlement offer that you receive. Instead, take some time to mull it over — you can always speak with a personal injury attorney to determine if your claim is worth more.


Reason #5 to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney — Let Your Personal Injury Attorneys Do the Talking
Let’s be honest, negotiating a personal injury settlement with a multinational corporate insurance company can be daunting. Trying to navigate the process on your own can leave you with more personal injury questions than answers. They have a team of people who know exactly what they are doing — they want to deprive you of the money you deserve. Why roll the dice when you can hire an experienced attorney to handle the negotiations for you? They know exactly how to communicate with insurance companies.



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Did you recently file a personal injury claim with an insurance provider? If so, you should consider speaking with a legal representative here at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego. We work with a wide range of clients throughout southern California who are seeking compensation for injuries caused by devastating car accidents. Contact us today and we can immediately begin reviewing your case.


Testimonial from Anissa, Satisfied Personal Injury Client in San Diego
I had the pleasure of working with Elliott to represent me in my case and not only was he very professional but always went the extra mile to answer any questions that arose in a timely matter and had patience with me throughout the whole process. This minimized my stress and kept my hope strong through a very difficult time. He got me the best possible outcome and I would recommend him to everyone looking for a great attorney.

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