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Understanding the Stages of a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual harassment lawsuits can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don’t have an experienced attorney to represent you. You may not know what the process entails and how everything will unfold. The good news is that our sexual harassment attorneys in San Diego can provide you with realistic expectations by explaining the four key stages of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Here’s what you need to know:


Stage #1 – Seeking an Attorney to Represent You
There are several steps you should take if you’ve been sexually assaulted. You should always consult with an attorney before filing a lawsuit, and in California, you have access to plenty of legal resources. When you meet with an attorney, they’ll want to get to know you better and acquaint themselves with your situation. Ultimately, your attorney wants to be on the same page as you and align their goals with yours.


Your attorney will also request evidence and other information from you so that they can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Keep in mind that they want to develop a winning strategy – they have to prove that your assaulter acted inappropriately and should be held responsible for their behavior. Once your attorney has all the information they need, they’ll begin working on the next phase of your lawsuit.


Stage #2 – Sending a Demand Letter
Your attorney may begin drafting a demand that they’ll send to the defendant. This letter consists of key information relating to your case, which includes:

  • How the facts of your case show that the defendant broke the law
  • Approximate damages that the defendant owes you
  • A settlement offer proposed by your attorney

If you’re unwilling to settle your claim and would prefer to go to court, litigation is the logical next step in the process. Your attorney will then file a claim through the court system.




Stage #3 – Filing Your Claim and the Discovery Process
Your attorney will then submit your claim, which informs the court about the facts of your case and alleged violations of the law made by the defendant. Once they file everything, the discovery phase will commence:

During the sexual assault discovery process, your attorney will begin requesting evidence and information from all parties involved in the trial. This will require your attorney to do the following:

  • Ask you a formal series of questions about the facts and allegations of your case
  • Ask the defendant to admit or deny any claims made against them
  • Request documents from the defendant that support your claims
  • Depose witnesses who are relevant to your case


Stage #4 – Going to Trial
After the discovery process, the next step is a trial. Your attorney will undergo extensive preparation beforehand and present arguments, evidence, and witness testimony before the court.




Hiring an Attorney You Can Trust
At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we have a team of professionals who can handle your sexual harassment lawsuit. We ensure that you can pursue legal action and hold any defendants accountable for their misconduct. We also represent many San Diego and California residents who’re currently filing sexual harassment lawsuits. Get in touch with us today, and we can immediately begin building your case.


Testimonial from Kristoffer, Satisfied Client
Michael Hernandez and the entire team at HHJ Trial Attorneys were an absolute beacon of light in very difficult and trying time. The professionalism, compassion, responsiveness, and communication is second to none. They clearly care about their clients and getting them the maximum settlement they deserve. Michael kept in close contact with me , and was very understanding of my situation, and delivered amazing results. I highly recommend HHJ to anyone looking for an honest, and dedicated team of attorneys who genuinely care about those they represent.



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