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car accident with emergency vehicle
Understanding right-of-way and safety is crucial when sharing the road with emergency vehicles. The California Driver Handbook mandates that drivers yield to any emergency vehicle using a siren and red lights.   Despite this, accidents involving emergency vehicles do occur. In this post, we explore the unique traffic laws that apply to emergency vehicles in...
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personal injury claim
After suffering injuries in a serious car accident, you’re likely focusing on your physical recovery. However, you cannot ignore the stress, anxiety, and other emotional struggles you’ll endure. Not every victim is aware of the fact that psychological anguish and suffering are also compensatory factors.   Here are the five reasons why our personal injury...
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Making a Claim Against Someone Else's Insurance
Car insurance provides you with protection from severe financial consequences when accidents occur. Filing a claim is how you initiate the process and resolve the matter. However, when the at-fault driver is responsible for the accident, you’ll need to file a claim with that person’s insurance provider.   Filing a claim is ultimately how you’ll...
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Questions To Ask Car Accident Attorney
Car accidents can be exceptionally stressful, especially if you happen to suffer serious injuries. You’ll have to obtain compensation for medical and financial damages while undergoing the recovery process. You’re also wondering about what’ll happen next and if you’ll be able to pay off all your bills and other expenses. In other words, the accident...
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car accident attorney san diego (1)
Unfortunately, car accidents are extremely common in California, and when they occur, you have to do your best to navigate what happens next. Obviously, in the aftermath of an accident, your job is to try and mitigate the damage that’s already been done. That’s why it is helpful to know exactly what to do if...
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car accident attorney san diego
Serious car accidents can take a major toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing. They can require you to undergo extensive rehabilitation and various treatments to recover fully from your injuries. However, when calculating the value of your personal injury claim, you can also consider your pain and suffering.   How, precisely, does someone quantify...
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Car accident attorneys San Diego
When involved in a car accident, you have to file an insurance claim to recover compensation for any economic and non-economic damages you incur. However, the claims process can be a little tricky to navigate, especially if you decide not to hire a car accident attorney. Insurance companies have many different loopholes that they can...
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Car accident attorney san diego
Devastating car accidents will take a major toll on your physical health. However, you should also never overlook the emotional and psychological distress that is often a direct result of the accident. In addition to seeking compensation for your injuries and economic damages, you should also take your mental suffering into account. To ensure this...
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car accident attorney San Diego
After sustaining several serious injuries in a car accident, you now have the task of filing an insurance claim so that you can recover compensation for the damages you suffered. However, personal injury claims require a lot of patience and strategy, especially when negotiating a settlement with an insurance provider. Our car accident attorneys in...
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Car accident attorney San Diego
Car accidents and collisions occur all the time. These incidents almost always will require you to file an insurance claim. However, insurance companies frequently deny claims, which can create certain legal complications. The good news is that the process doesn’t necessarily end after your claim is denied. In fact, you can take additional action to...
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