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Involved In a Car Accident
Car accidents can be harrowing – the incident will occur so quickly that you won’t be sure of what to do or say immediately afterwards. A certain lack of discretion can end up backfiring – you could potentially say something to the wrong people, which they’ll later use against you. We want to help coach...
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Fender Bender Car Accident
Fender benders and low-speed car accidents can be extremely frustrating, especially when the damages seem minimal. In a situation such as this, you might be wondering, “Do I even need to file a claim?” Sure, involving the insurance companies in a minor accident seems like a hassle. However, our car accident lawyers recommend that you...
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Questions To Ask Car Accident Attorney
Car accidents can be exceptionally stressful, especially if you happen to suffer serious injuries. You’ll have to obtain compensation for medical and financial damages while undergoing the recovery process. You’re also wondering about what’ll happen next and if you’ll be able to pay off all your bills and other expenses. In other words, the accident...
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Unfortunately, car accidents are extremely common in California, and when they occur, you have to do your best to navigate what happens next. Obviously, in the aftermath of an accident, your job is to try and mitigate the damage that’s already been done. That’s why it is helpful to know exactly what to do if...
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Car accident attorneys San Diego
When involved in a car accident, you have to file an insurance claim to recover compensation for any economic and non-economic damages you incur. However, the claims process can be a little tricky to navigate, especially if you decide not to hire a car accident attorney. Insurance companies have many different loopholes that they can...
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Car accident attorney San Diego
Car accidents and collisions occur all the time. These incidents almost always will require you to file an insurance claim. However, insurance companies frequently deny claims, which can create certain legal complications. The good news is that the process doesn’t necessarily end after your claim is denied. In fact, you can take additional action to...
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car accident attorney San Diego
Car accidents happen when you least expect them – they catch you off guard and create complications in your life. No matter the severity of the accident, you should do your due diligence to collect as much evidence and information as you can. It is your responsibility to argue your case and present as much...
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car accident lawyer
Car accidents happen all the time and they usually happen when we least expect them. Depending on your situation, you may need to hire a car accident lawyer in San Diego to protect your rights or negotiate a settlement with your, or the at-fault driver’s, insurance company. You will need someone with knowledge of the...
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