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psychological trauma and sexual assault
The atrocity of sexual assault inflicts wounds far deeper than the physical, often resulting in enduring psychological agony for those who have lived through such abhorrent acts. Individuals in California who’ve faced such violations might wonder whether it’s possible to factor in the emotional aftermath when seeking legal relief.   In this blog post, our...
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sexual assault
Sexual assault cases are among the most complicated and emotionally charged cases attorneys handle. No matter which side of the court case you’re on, it’s crucial to understand how alcohol and drug use affects sexual assault cases. Our San Diego sexual assault attorneys can clarify the relationship that alcohol, drug use, and sexual assault share,...
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sexual assault and therapy
Those involved in the trauma of sexual assault will need assistance and guidance from trained professionals in multiple disciplines. The victim’s legal representation must prioritize that their client receives therapeutic support to ensure their well-being during case proceedings. Therapy and counseling for sexual assault survivors play an essential role in ensuring justice and closure; however,...
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damages in sexual assault
Sexual assault is by far and wide one of the most heinous acts of criminal behavior known to the human race, and the damages you may endure in a sexual assault case reflect this. In this article, our sexual assault attorneys in San Diego will highlight the different types of damages that may be available...
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sexual assault attorney san diego
Incidents of sexual assault are extremely traumatic and devastating for victims, causing severe emotional suffering. Each victim has a different way of coping and processing the trauma, and they will likely encounter psychological obstacles while recovering from the experience. When the sexual assault occurs, you must take certain steps to ensure that you can hold...
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Victim of sexual assault
My name is Elliott Jung. I’m one of the sexual assault attorneys and law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys. One of the things that we’ve seen a large rise in are victims of sexual assault. You know, many years ago it might have been much more difficult for people to come forward and to voice...
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Sexual Assault Victim
  What are the difficulties with overcoming a sexual assault case?   My name is Elliott Jung and I’m one of the sexual assault attorneys and partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys. Today I want to talk about some of these difficulties. In my opinion, there is one and that is for the victim to come...
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Sexual Assault Attorney
  Who can I pursue if I’m a victim of a sexual assault?    My name is Elliott Jung and I am a sexual assault attorney in San Diego as well as one of the law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys and today I want to talk about if you are the victim of a...
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