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Dr. William Thompson IV
Dr. William Thompson IV, a 56-year-old practitioner from Huntington Beach, faces serious charges relating to the alleged sexual assault of nine male patients within the LGBTQ+ community. The accusations, unveiled by prosecutors, detail eight felony counts of deceptive sexual penetration under the guise of professional procedures, three felony counts of fraudulent sexual battery, and two...
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sexual assault of a minor
Sexual assault cases involving children are devastating and traumatic experiences that require specialized attention. At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we understand the sensitivity of these cases and strive to handle them with care, compassion, and the legal expertise required to win. In today’s blog, our San Diego sexual assault attorneys will provide a comprehensive guide on...
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military sexual assault
Military sexual assault affects male and female service members and involves unwanted sexual contact, harassment, or assault. As of 2021, nearly 25% of women in the military have reported some form of military sexual assault. Victims of military sexual assault have rights when it comes to the reporting and investigation process. Knowing these rights can...
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male sexual assault
Male sexual assault survivors experience a unique set of challenges when coming forward to report their abuse. The trauma and stigma associated with such experiences often make it difficult for male survivors to speak up and seek justice. But filing a lawsuit can be an empowering step towards healing and ensuring that the perpetrator is...
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sexual assault damages
Thousands of people are victims of sexual assault every year, and the trauma is often very difficult to endure. Dealing with the experience can be painful and devastating, especially when the perpetrator isn’t held accountable for their behavior. The good news is that you can take legal action against anyone who harmed you and recover...
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Sexual Assault Attorney
Many people turn to lawyers when facing legal issues, especially when it comes to sexual assault. No matter your situation or what you’re experiencing, it’s wise to seek counsel and determine what you should do. A reliable lawyer can evaluate your case and decide what steps to take. Are you unsure about when it’s time...
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Sexual harassment lawsuits can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don’t have an experienced attorney to represent you. You may not know what the process entails and how everything will unfold. The good news is that our sexual harassment attorneys in San Diego can provide you with realistic expectations by explaining the four key...
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sexual assault attorney San Diego
Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious concern. Sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact can occur at the workplace, and when it happens, you must take action to protect yourself and prevent further abuse. Unfortunately, many men and women are afraid to come forward in fear of losing their job or jeopardizing their career...
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sexual assault attorney san diego
Incidents of sexual assault are extremely traumatic and devastating for victims, causing severe emotional suffering. Each victim has a different way of coping and processing the trauma, and they will likely encounter psychological obstacles while recovering from the experience. When the sexual assault occurs, you must take certain steps to ensure that you can hold...
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Victim of sexual assault
My name is Elliott Jung. I’m one of the sexual assault attorneys and law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys. One of the things that we’ve seen a large rise in are victims of sexual assault. You know, many years ago it might have been much more difficult for people to come forward and to voice...
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