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Sexual harassment lawsuits can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don’t have an experienced attorney to represent you. You may not know what the process entails and how everything will unfold. The good news is that our sexual harassment attorneys in San Diego can provide you with realistic expectations by explaining the four key...
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sexual assault attorney San Diego
Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious concern. Sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact can occur at the workplace, and when it happens, you must take action to protect yourself and prevent further abuse. Unfortunately, many men and women are afraid to come forward in fear of losing their job or jeopardizing their career...
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Sexual Assault Attorney
  Who can I pursue if I’m a victim of a sexual assault?    My name is Elliott Jung and I am a sexual assault attorney in San Diego as well as one of the law partners at HHJ Trial Attorneys and today I want to talk about if you are the victim of a...
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