11 Exceptional Traits Your Accident Attorney Must Have to Represent You

11 Exceptional Traits Your Accident Attorney Must Have to Represent You

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After an accident, it’s not always easy to receive the financial compensation necessary to contend with medical bills, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of the accident. Finding adequate legal representation is an essential step towards securing a better outcome. But how do you find an experienced accident attorney in San Diego that will fight the hardest for you? Here are 11 exceptional traits that you should look for in a great attorney: 

1. Experience

This trait is the #1 requirement without a doubt. You must find an attorney with an immense amount of experience in the types of cases you are seeking representation for. Moreover, you must look for an attorney that actually knows how to fight in court –a trial lawyer. You should ask how many jury trials your attorney has litigated to verdict. As we like to say, “talk is cheap, show us what you have done.” If you want maximum compensation for your accident, you must have an attorney that can say “no” to low offers from the insurance company and fight for just compensation in court. In short, look for years of experience, a solid reputation with other lawyers, and a successful track record of litigating cases to jury trial.

2. Compassion

It’s critical to find a lawyer who cares about you as a person who has experienced a terrible accident, rather than just another one of their cases. Compassion makes the attorney-client relationship function more effectively. It’s easy to tell if an attorney really cares about you, and in the end, if they care they will fight much harder for you. 

3. Passion for Their Work

Is your personal injury attorney interested in and engaged with the work? Do they seem excited to want to handle your case? Someone who’s intrigued and ready to go to bat for you in the courtroom is the attorney you want.

4. The Ability to Tell a Story

It might sound like a strange trait, but it’s true — lawyers that know how to tell a story are more compelling in the courtroom. Find someone who can take the facts of your case and create the narrative that showcases why you deserve compensation. A good indication to see if your attorney is an effective storyteller is to ask how many trials they have done. If they have never litigated a jury trial, they are probably not a good storyteller. 

5. Determination

Fighting the insurance companies is challenging work, and they design their tactics to demoralize and discourage those trying to sue them. Your lawyer should be tough and determined to push past these delaying efforts. You should ask your attorney about some of the battles they have fought against greedy insurance companies to see if they are willing to fight for you and your case. 

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6. Realism

While everyone imagines a blockbuster settlement, pragmatism is necessary, too. Your lawyer shouldn’t be afraid to share the facts and the plain truth with you, even when that means the outcome might not be what you initially expected. Lots of attorneys will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to sign your case. Your attorney should be honest, forthcoming, and tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. 

7. A Steadfast Approach

Remember the adage about changing horses in midstream? Your lawyer should be steady in the strategy they adopt, and willing to pursue the case to the appropriate resolution even when that might take time to accomplish.

8. Courtesy

A good accident attorney must be courteous to all, not only you but officers of the court and even the other insurance company. It’s possible to play hardball without resorting to rudeness or underhanded tactics, and it reflects well on your case.

9. Curiosity

Choose an accident attorney who is always willing to ask questions. Sometimes, the best legal solutions come from unexpected developments and unexpected ideas. A curious mind that’s always inquiring into the law and its nuances is an asset for your case.

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10. A Studious Mind

Likewise, you want a personal injury attorney who is always striving to be better at their job. Look for regular professional development efforts, for example. When the time comes to crack the law books to find an answer for your case, a studious mind comes in handy.

11. A Driven Attitude

You want an attorney who’s ready to take the fight to the insurance company, who makes it clear that they’re on the battlefield to win your case.  When setbacks occur, the driven lawyer gets right back up and works to find the next solution.

Find an Accident Attorney You Can Trust Today

How can you find a team of accident attorneys with all these qualities to handle your case? The answer is simple: start conversations and see for yourself. Schedule a consultation with a firm, ask tough questions, and gauge how well-suited they are for guiding your case towards a better settlement or trial. Find help today.

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