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Why You Should File a Claim if You Were a Passenger in an Uber Car Accident

Car accidents, while they occur commonly in California, will always catch you by surprise. However, when the accident involves an Uber driver, this can somewhat complicate the process of filing a claim. Sustaining injuries during an Uber ride still entitles you to compensation, especially when the Uber driver is the negligent party in the incident. Our uber accident attorneys in San Diego want to provide you with 3 reasons why you should file a claim as soon as possible.


Reason #1: Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries
Keep in mind that when the Uber driver is at-fault for the accident, third-party liability coverage will kick in and become legally relevant. This way you can seek compensation through the company’s insurance policy. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you will likely have to undergo a long recovery process, which will rack up medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses.


In California, Uber drivers must possess third-party insurance that covers $50,000 per individual and $100,000 per accident. Uber also provides high liability coverage and coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers. This ultimately means that you have multiple ways of pursuing a personal injury claim when involved in an Uber accident.


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Reason #2: Protecting Your Rights
The statute of limitations in California takes effect the moment the accident occurs, and you have a two-year window to file your claim against the Uber driver. In addition to seeking compensation for your medical expenses, you are also entitled to damages stemming from the emotional suffering caused by the accident. Ultimately, when pursuing your claim, you want to recover as much money as you can for your financial, physical, and mental setbacks that are a direct result of the accident.


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Reason #3: The Process Is Not Overly Complicated
Now you discovered that you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, but what happens next? The truth is that the process is very similar to handling a personal injury claim that involves a taxi or bus driver. Keep in mind that ridesharing accidents typically fall into a couple of different categories, and they include:


  • Injured Passengers
  • Injured Uber drivers
  • Occupants of vehicles injured in an accident caused by the Uber driver


Regardless of your situation, if the ridesharing service was responsible for your injuries, then you have a legal right to pursue compensation for your damages. In fact, most experienced lawyers can prove negligence and help guide you through the process of filing a claim.


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Hire a Lawyer You Can Trust
The car accident lawyers here HHJ Trial Attorneys are the perfect people for the job when it comes to pursuing personal injury claims. We work with many different clients throughout San Diego, providing them with reliable legal services and negotiating settlements on their behalf. Ultimately, our top priority is to fight for the compensation that you deserve so that you can focus on your road to recovery.


Want to learn more about how we can help you? Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our trusted personal injury attorneys! We can review your case to determine the best way for you to obtain compensation for your injuries.


Testimonial from Julie, Car Accident Victim
A few months ago my fiancé was in a car accident. It was very scary and we didn’t know what we needed to do or where to even begin. We found HHJ and they were so quick to help right away. They were so thoughtful and personable as they walked us through the process step by step and were able to help him get the medical attention he needed. Everyone that had they referred us to were top notch and so amazing. I am so thankful for the entire team at HHJ and all that they have done for us!

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