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7 Contributing Factors That Determines the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Serious personal injury accidents can have far-reaching ramifications for anyone, both legally and financially. They can alter your life in many different aspects, making it extremely difficult to fully recover from the injuries. You know that you can file a personal injury claim, but you aren’t exactly sure of the value of your personal injury claim. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers want to help break everything down for you.


Here are seven factors that determine your injury claim value. Keep in mind that these factors may vary depending on the type of personal injury claim you have:


Injury Claim Value Factor #1 — The Severity of Your Injuries
Your injuries are what will ultimately determine your overall quality of life. The longer your recovery period, the more compensation you can recover. Severe injuries often have permanent, long-term effects, which is something that insurance adjusters are going to look closely at when reviewing your claim. Remember, you should always seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that your injuries are properly documented.


Injury Claim Value Factor #2 — The Damage to Your Property
In many personal injury cases, victims also suffer damages to their personal property, such as an automobile or motorcycle. The severity of the property damage also has an effect on the value of your case, as well as the seriousness of your injuries. Be sure to go through everything in detail so that you won’t miss out on any possible compensation when it comes to your injury claim value.




Injury Claim Value Factor #3 — Medical Expenses
The money you spend on your medical recovery also plays a huge role in determining the value of your claim. This can become quite costly, especially when you have to undergo an extensive treatment plan to recover fully. Your settlement should always account for the medical costs that you have incurred and are going to keep incurring.




Injury Claim Value Factor #4 — Where the Accident Occurs
The state/region in which the accident occurs can also affect the amount of your personal injury settlement. For example, California recognizes comparative negligence, which settles personal injury claims and lawsuits according to relative liability. Shared fault can potentially reduce the amount of compensation you receive.


Injury Claim Value Factor #5 — Insurance Policies
There are several personal injury claim myths that you may have heard including that every case will go to court. However, most personal injury claims don’t go to court because it makes more sense to save time and money through settlement offers. However, some insurance policies can limit the value of a claim significantly. If the insurance company refuses to cover any damages caused by the at-fault party, you may need to take additional legal measures against them.


Injury Claim Value Factor #6 — Available Evidence
The more evidence that you gather, the more money you can obtain in your personal injury settlement. Most insurance adjusters are searching for any flaws in your case to try and disqualify you from receiving the full compensation you deserve. However, having sufficient evidence will greatly improve your chances of recovering enough money to cover the damages caused by the accident. Keep in mind that if you have personal injury claim questions connected to the evidence that you need, you can always as your personal injury attorney for more guidance.


Injury Claim Value Factor #7 — Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in San Diego to Represent You
Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t be negotiating with the insurance company without proper legal representation. An experienced attorney will not only review your case, but they can also accurately calculate the value of your personal injury claim. They can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and propose a strategy for recovering maximum financial compensation.




Were you recently the victim of a serious accident? Take this opportunity to schedule an appointment and speak with a representative here at HHJ Trial Attorneys in San Diego. We provide legal services for a wide range of clients in southern California, ensuring that they can recover the full compensation for damages caused by life-altering accidents.


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