What is Representation on Contingency For Car Accident Cases?

Car Accident Cases

Determining what to do after you’ve been in a car accident is seldom easy, especially if you or a loved one suffered an injury. Focusing on your health and mental well-being must come first and remain a priority. However, you may be entitled to win compensation as a result of your accident. The facts of every case are different, and results are not guaranteed, but availing yourself of your legal options is always advisable. Exercising your rights after an accident should be a priority, rather than attempting merely to shake it off.

As you explore your legal options, you may hear that car accident attorneys will offer to represent you “on contingency.” What does it mean to be represented on contingency, and why is it something that you might want to explore? A quick look at the answer reveals this is a helpful option that may open many doors for accident victims.

Contingency Representation Explained

In most cases, to hire an attorney to represent your claims, you must pay an hourly rate. Usually, a “retainer” is necessary to begin, a payment that acts as an advance on work the attorney will perform on your behalf. The number of hours the attorney spent preparing documents, filing motions, and representing you in court will add up to the total bill you’ll receive in the end. Some defense attorneys will go all-out with delaying actions in an attempt to force plaintiffs to withdraw complaints due to a lack of funds. With the long, drawn-out nature of some litigation surrounding car accidents, this could mean a substantial expense for clients at the end of the road. 

Some attorneys choose to offer contingency representation instead. When an attorney “represents you on contingency,” it means they do not require the payment of any fees upfront or over time. Instead, you agree with the attorney that you will provide them with a certain percentage from the total of any award you receive through litigation. If your attorneys can’t come through with a victory for you, their fee is $0 — you owe them nothing apart from routine expenses incurred in executing your case.

The Advantages of Representation on Contingency

The benefit of contingency representation is immediately apparent; it opens the door to exploring legal recourse after a car accident without putting your entire financial well-being at risk. With many people living paycheck to paycheck and an increased rate of unemployment, the thought of pursuing legal representation is often far away when accidents happen. Although the removal of your financial risk from the equation is the most important benefit, it’s not the only one.

Consultations between clients and attorneys working on contingency typically happen more often. Clients do not need to worry about accruing too many billable hours, so they’re free to check in on the status of their case or seek additional information as required. You’re also more likely to trust in the expertise and dedication of your lawyer to the case. After all, if they don’t come through for you in or out of the courtroom, they aren’t going home with anything to show for their effort, either. 

Considering Your Options for Legal Assistance with Care

Rebuilding your life after a car accident can be a challenge, especially if you must face mounting medical bills or lost income due to an inability to work. Connecting with a lawyer capable of representing you on contingency could offer a solution to some of these challenges. Explore your options today and learn more about contingency representation as you consider your next steps.

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