Adam Hepburn

“ I hired Adam Joseph Hepburn as my attorney to represent me in court and he helped me fight my case…In my perspective my case was a tough one to get out of without a felony, but I am thankful for making the right choice and keeping trust in Adam to help me get out of this situation. GREAT DEDICATED ATTORNEY

Juan G.– AVVO

“I was arrested and accused of felony domestic violence, felony assault, felony child endangerment and attempted murder. I was facing a minimum of 12 years in prison…I was put at ease by my criminal defense attorney Adam Hepburn. Within 15 minutes of talking to Mr. Hepburn, he assured me that he has dealt with many cases like mine and knew exactly what to do…When dealing with the prosecutor Mr. Hepburn was a good negotiator that negotiated aggressively on my behalf and persistent for the best resolution that ultimately led to an excellent conclusion to my case…I owe Mr. Hepburn a debt of gratitude for his service. He is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods…I will not spend a day in prison, the stay away no-contact order was dropped. The attempted murder charge was dropped, and the felony charges were also dropped.”

David– AVVO

“Adam was so professional and courteous. I am happy with the outcome and would recommend Adam with confidence.”

Gina– AVVO

“Adam is very knowledgeable and aggressive in defending his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Jeffery – AVVO

“Adam is a great attorney, he is the person you definitely would want to have on your side…Luckily for me, I had Adam who protected me against people who did not care what happened to me. When I walked out of that courtroom an innocent man, I knew that it was all thanks to Adam, although I was innocent, the system is there to incarcerate you without caring about your future…If you ever step into a courtroom, I really hope that you have Adam on your side, you will not regret it.”

Luis – AVVO

“Adam went the extra mile both before, during, and after my criminal trial. He was extremely prepared at all stages and tracked down hard to find witnesses.”

Anonymous – AVVO

Michael Hernandez

“I’ve known Michael for many years. He is an incredibly hard-working attorney who cares deeply for his clients. Given his impressive track record of successful jury trials, and having seen him in action, I can say with confidence that Michael is the best trial lawyer I know in San Diego County.”

Sander- AVVO

“Michael and I worked together on a number of criminal cases. He’s a true trial lawyer. By the end of a jury trial he will have the jurors eating out of the palm of his hand.”

Charles- AVVO

“Michael Hernandez is an outstanding criminal defense attorney. He is a true advocate for every client he represents. Michael is an exceptionally talented trial lawyer. His presence and delivery of his cases is captivating. He is a genuinely talented lawyer with an impressive record of success. I endorse this lawyer.”

Natalie- AVVO

“I sent Mr.Hernandez all of the evidence of my case, compacted and together. We kept in communication throughout the hearings, keeping me up to date with where we were in our standing. Thanks to God and with our cooperation my felony case was dismissed. If you’re looking for an unorganized, uninterested attorney he’s not recommended, if you are looking for an organized, serious, and interested attorney who’s got experience dismissing cases I recommend Mr.Hernandez.”

Carlos- AVVO

“Michael is amazing! He worked on my husband’s case and his optimism and attentiveness made us feel calm and positive in midst of a horrible legal situation that we were in. He listened to us and answered our questions and made sure we understood everything during the whole legal process. My husbands first language is Spanish so he speaks English with a strong accent, Michael was very patient with him and took his time in making sure my husband understood everything. He was so dedicated and determined to help us and his perseverance did! I highly recommend him and his services.”

Maggie- AVVO

“Michael Hernandez was my lawyer on this case. Michael was always helping me , explaining me every detail icouldnt understand . On courts he always shows what he is able to do as a lawyer , and always secure in his words. We won our case because of him ,i totally reccomend him as a good lawyer.”

Ricardo- AVVO

Elliott Jung

“Mr. Jung here helped me a LOT!
He did what my immigration attorney called a miracle, he treated me like a human being, always honest and fighting my case he did everything he could until the last second to help me out, I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney, If you need an Attorney Elliott is the man!”

Heriberto – AVVO

“If I could give Mr. Jung 10 stars, I would. I have had to hire several lawyers and I can honestly say that Mr. Jung is the best lawyer! Elliott is very personable, patient, honest, trustworthy and so smart. He asked lots of questions and was able to determine the best way to present our case in court. He returns phone calls, texts and emails promptly! Elliott took our case knowing ahead of time it was going to be a real challenge in fact, it may be the hardest case he will have to work in a long time. We really had a difficult case with so much against us. At one point in the year long process, I almost gave up because evidence against our case was stacking up high. But Mr. Jung gave us hope when other lawyers said we had none. I really thought we had no hope for a good outcome because of the situation, but Mr. Jung was able to utilize his skillful attorney abilities and we received a better final judgement than anyone could have expected! Watching Elliott in court was like watching one of the best lawyers from t.v.! I would highly recommend Mr. Jung to anyone and you will get 110% from him. I cannot express in words how grateful our family is to have hired Mr. Jung. Simply put, Mr. Jung is one the very best attorneys out there!”

Debra – AVVO

“I hired Mr. Elliott Jung to represent me for a felony grand theft case. I am currently in the California Army National Guard, with a deployment in the middle east in 2018. I was facing 6 years in prison and a possible end to my military career. I am out of jail and my military career has been saved as well as myself being able to deploy with my fellow brothers in arms. Without Mr. Jung’s hard work and dedication to giving me a second chance, none of this would have been possible.”

Joe – AVVO

“I am absolutely overwhelmed by the outstanding work that Mr. Elliott Jung did in favor of an Assault with a Deadly Weapon! I am blessed to say that I’m a FREE WOMAN!!!! THANKS ELLIOTT!!!!!”

Shanna – AVVO

“Thank you for taking justice to the next level. You charismatically showed what it should look like when an attorney cares about their client, their client’s case and upholding the law.”

Ashley– AVVO

“All the odds were stuck up against me by the people of California, but Mr. Jung has done the impossible and prevented me from doing jail time. I’m given a second chance in society to become a law abiding citizen and I won’t let the opportunity Mr. Jung gave me to waste. Thank you for giving me a second chance and having me see my loved ones.”

Anonymous– AVVO

“Mr. Jung provided excellent guidance and information which allowed us to make the best possible decisions. He was thorough, thoughtful and respectful of our situation. A true professional.”


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