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What You Need to Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed or Assaulted at Work

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious concern. Sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact can occur at the workplace, and when it happens, you must take action to protect yourself and prevent further abuse. Unfortunately, many men and women are afraid to come forward in fear of losing their job or jeopardizing their career prospects. However, you not only have an obligation to hold negligent employers responsible for their actions, but you must also protect your fellow employees.


There is legal recourse for workers to report any sexual assault that occurs on the job. Here is what our sexual harassment attorneys in San Diego recommend if this situation applies to you:


Step One: Alert Your Manager or Supervisor About the Assault
Although sexual harassment victims are less likely to speak out about their abuse, you should inform your supervisor of any unwanted contact or harassment. If unwanted sexual contact continues to persist, even after you tell your abuser to stop, then you need to notify a supervisor immediately of what’s happening. They will then ask for you to provide details for a written report of how the assault(s) occurred. If your manager is the person harassing you, we suggest that you inform the Human Resources department about it.


Step Two: Speak with Someone in Human Resources
Many HR departments have procedures in place that allow you to file complaints against abusers who continue to harass you. This ensures that you can report any incidents of sexual assault through the proper channels. Once you bring the issue to the attention of your HR department, they can begin their investigation and determine if disciplinary action needs to be taken.


We advise that you collect and submit any evidence that supports the complaint you submit against your abuser. Documentary proof will ultimately provide you with something you can reference in the future if necessary.



Step Three: Undergo the Arbitration Process
Some companies may settle sexual harassment and assault cases through arbitration, which is initiated by the HR department. Try to cooperate with the efforts being made to resolve your complaint and try to provide any details or documentation needed to facilitate the arbitration.


Step Four: Only Share Sensitive Information with People You Trust
You should consider having private discussions with the people you trust the most about the assault. However, if you begin telling other people at work or sharing sensitive information on social media, expect that information to become public. You don’t want anyone discrediting you or questioning the anguish and abuse that you are experiencing by publicly oversharing.


Step Five: Document Everything
Keep a catalog of all the documentation and evidence supporting your complaint. If you want to seek justice and hold people accountable for their actions, you will have to show proof of their wrongdoing. Your case will be strengthened with proper documentation.


Step Six: Hire a Sexual Assault Attorney in San Diego
Keep in mind that some companies will drag their feet and downplay the seriousness of the assault. If you believe that they are not handling the case properly, you should consider retaining a sexual assault attorneys in San Diego and filing a lawsuit. You also have a chance of recovering monetary damages if your employer was dishonest and biased when reviewing your complaint.




Were you recently the victim of sexual assault at work? Now is the time to contact HHJ Trial Attorneys for proper legal representation. Our goal is to help build your case and allow you to recover compensation for damages you suffered while on the job.


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