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Personal injury lawyer
Hiring a personal injury lawyer is something that you may have to do if you want to obtain full compensation for any injuries you suffered in an accident. If you have never had to hire one, it’s understandable that you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to expect.    The good news is that...
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Personal injury attorney
If you were involved in a devastating car crash, you have a right to seek compensation through your insurance company. Unfortunately, many insurance companies try to get people to accept a settlement that doesn’t equate to the compensation an injured party truly deserves.   Here are four examples of instances where you may want to...
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Child injury
  Today we’re going to talk about whether a minor or a child can recover damages if they’ve been involved in a car accident. My name is Adam Hepburn and I’m a car accident attorney in San Diego and one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys.    Now I’ve represented many families where...
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Personal injury claim
If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may have the opportunity to seek compensation for financial and emotional damages. However, in the state of California, your personal injury case must meet several basic requirements before you can move forward with filing a claim or lawsuit. To receive reimbursement for any monetary losses, you must...
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Personal injury contingency fee
  Today, we’re going to talk about what a contingency fee is and why it’s important to have that type of structure in a personal injury case. My name is Adam Hepburn and I am a personal injury attorney and one of the partners here at HHJ Trial Attorneys.    One of the most characteristic...
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  Today, we’re going to talk about whether you have a claim if you’re partially at fault for a car accident.    My name is Adam Hepburn and I’m a partner and car accident attorney here at HHJ Trial Attorneys. Now there’s a lot of times when you get into an accident and it’s not...
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car accident attorney San Diego
  What happens if I was involved in a car accident and I get the police report and it puts me at fault? Am I not able to pursue a claim? Do I not have a case?   My name is Elliott Jung. I’m a car accident attorney in San Diego and one of the...
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After Car Accident
Could this day possibly get worse? You were involved in a car accident, and now you have to go through the process of filing police reports and reporting your claim to the insurance company. The best thing you can do is not panic and follow the correct legal protocols to resolve the situation. Here is...
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Personal Injury Attorney
You always have the right to represent yourself in a personal injury trial. It’s understandable why you would choose to do so. You don’t have to pay attorney fees, and you get to handle your case the way you see fit. However, a lot can go wrong if you are unfamiliar with personal injury law...
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Car Accident
Just as the driver of a car, passengers can also be victims of auto accidents that occur in California. The resulting injuries can be extremely devastating and traumatic, taking a toll on families both emotionally and financially. In California, if you are the passenger of a car accident, then you may also have a right...
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