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whiplash and soft tissue
Whiplash and other soft tissue damage are common in personal injury cases. They occur when the head is unexpectedly jerked back and forth. Many car accident victims experience whiplash. Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains, contusions, and herniated discs. These can cause serious long-term pain and disability if left untreated.   Whiplash or soft tissue...
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commercial truck accidents
Truck accidents regularly occur on our roadways. Professional drivers undergo training; however, accidents still happen, and often due to driver negligence. When a commercial driver causes an accident, injured victims could take legal action to hold the driver’s employer accountable.   Trucking and transportation companies can be held liable for their drivers’ negligent actions. After...
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Tylenol autism lawsuit
The Tylenol Autism Lawsuit has emerged as a significant class action lawsuit within the United States, driven by parents who utilized Tylenol during their pregnancies and subsequently gave birth to children diagnosed with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders. In this exclusive article, our personal injury attorneys aim to provide you with essential information to determine...
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take care of maya
In June of 2023, Netflix released a documentary entitled “Take Care of Maya”. The documentary chronicled the story of every parents’ worst nightmare. It’s the story of a seemingly healthy child getting sick out of nowhere with a disease that many people have not heard of before. It also tells the story of the fight...
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Alex Murdaugh
The trials of Alex Murdaugh is something that has captivated the entire country. This case has everything that you would ever want when it comes to sensationalism. Murder, theft, years of power within a community and intrigue. While there are many people who thought that the trials of Alex Murdaugh had come to an end,...
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motorcycle accident
Motorcycle accidents occur far too often on our roads. Though motorcyclists account for just 3% of registered vehicles in the U.S., they are involved in 14% of all traffic fatalities. You must understand your legal rights if you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle collision.   Our goal is to empower riders...
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child injury and liabilities
Nothing is more important than keeping our children safe. When a child is injured, families face emotional distress and complex legal issues around liability. As personal injury attorneys, we help clients understand liability in child injury cases like daycare negligence, defective products, and dangerous property conditions. Our expertise guides families through insurance claims and potential...
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bike and pedestrian accident
Pedestrian and cyclist safety should be a top priority. Over 6,000 pedestrians and nearly 1,000 cyclists are killed in collisions on U.S. roads yearly. Many more suffer severe injuries.   These vulnerable road users deserve proper infrastructure, awareness, and legal protection. Only through education, infrastructure improvements, and enforcement of laws can we reduce injuries and...
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personal injury attorney
Over the years, fatal personal injury incidents have increased in San Diego County. From 2015-2019, age-adjusted death rates due to unintentional injuries increased from 29 per 100,000 residents to 36 per 100,000. Most people know the most common personal injury cases – slip and falls, car accidents, medical malpractice, etc. However, many fewer conventional types...
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catastrophic injuries
No one expects to suffer a personal injury that instantly changes the entire course of their life. Still, accidents and negligence happen daily, leaving innocent victims with debilitating, lifelong consequences. When an injury results in permanent disability, altered physical abilities, excruciating pain, or even the inability to work, the effects can be emotionally and financially...
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