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sexual harassment on college campus
Recent data and statistics regarding sexual harassment on college campuses reveal a troubling reality that demands attention. With Title IX as a crucial legal framework to prevent gender discrimination, understanding its implications and legal considerations is essential, particularly in California.   In this article, we explore the current state of sexual harassment on college campuses,...
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same sex sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation. It is a violation of fundamental human rights that can cause emotional distress, impact mental health, and hinder personal and professional growth.   While stereotypes may suggest that sexual harassment is solely perpetrated by individuals of one gender...
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Vince McMahon Sexual Assault Lawsuit
In a startling turn of events that has rocked the world of professional wrestling, Vince McMahon, the long-standing face and executive of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), finds himself at the center of a controversial lawsuit. The allegations, brought forward by a former employee, paint a distressing picture of sexual assault and harassment, challenging the very...
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online sexual harassment
Online sexual harassment is a serious and widespread problem that affects millions of people in the United States and the world. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 41% of Americans have personally experienced some form of online harassment, and 6% experienced online sexual harassment.   Online sexual harassment can take many forms, such as:...
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psychological trauma and sexual assault
The atrocity of sexual assault inflicts wounds far deeper than the physical, often resulting in enduring psychological agony for those who have lived through such abhorrent acts. Individuals in California who’ve faced such violations might wonder whether it’s possible to factor in the emotional aftermath when seeking legal relief.   In this blog post, our...
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Suing Third Parties for Sexual Harassment
Unfortunately, sexual harassment happens often in workplaces. While harassment can occur between employees, sometimes the harasser is a third party, like a customer or vendor. Questions arise in these cases around employers’ liability for a hostile work environment created by outside parties.   When harassment occurs, there are many arguments around employer responsibility versus third-party...
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sexual assault vs harassment
In today’s society, it is essential to understand and address issues surrounding inappropriate and unwelcome sexual behavior. Two terms that frequently come up in these discussions are sexual assault vs. sexual harassment. While both involve acts of misconduct, it is crucial to recognize their distinct differences in order to foster a safer and more respectful...
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File a Sexual Assault Case
Sexual assaults are severe offenses, and as a victim, you should never hesitate to hold your attacker accountable. We understand that coming forward with your story can be frightening, but you deserve justice. Delays in reporting the abuse can jeopardize your case why you should take action immediately. Here are four reasons why you should...
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Sexually Harassed at Work
  Sexual harassment is a serious problem anywhere, but when it happens in the workplace it can be especially troublesome. When there is a hostile work environment because of sexual harassment in the workplace, it can disrupt a person’s career and affect the victim for years.    If you have experienced clear instances of harassment, you...
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