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Do I Need to Disclose My Driving Record as Part of My Car Accident Claim? Important Information to Know

Car accidents can happen at any moment, even if you’re a responsible driver. However, you can file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. You’ll have to gather enough evidence to prove they’re liable for the accident, which ultimately allows you to recover compensation.


Now, you’re worried about your driving record. Can previous accidents affect your claim? The truth is that insurance adjusters will try to dig up any information they can use against you. Our San Diego car accident attorneys understand these tactics very well and want to explain everything you need to know about disclosing prior accidents.


Do You Have to Disclose Your Driving Record?
When speaking with a personal injury attorney, you should reveal any information pertinent to your claim. Give them all the facts they need to know ahead of time, allowing them to do their jobs and maximize the compensation e seeking. Remember, because of attorney-client privileges, information about your case will be kept secret.


Your driving record isn’t necessarily relevant when your claim is going through negotiations. However, if you file a personal injury claim against the insurance company that covers you, there’s a good chance that they may already possess this information on you.


If you believe a past accident could pose a problem, notify your attorney. Remember, during the discovery process, you may have to disclose information about your driving record. For example, you may be asked about it during a deposition.



How Should You Disclose the Information?
You should always enlist the help of an attorney. Why? Their job is to mitigate the damage when it comes to revelations about your driving record. Furthermore, make sure you word your answers carefully. Your attorney can also help prepare you, and they’ll be in the room during your deposition.


Insurance Adjusters Will Try to Use Your Driving Record Against You
Insurance companies are always searching for ways to reduce the value of your claim. They know that most Americans have been involved in at least one car accident. In other words, they’ll try to use your driving record against you. It’s one of several tactics that they’ll apply to deny you financial compensation.


Despite your driving record, you can always file a claim. However, an insurance adjuster may allege that you’re at least partially at fault because you’re prone to getting in car accidents. Keep in mind that California is a pure comparative fault state, which means that negligent drivers can also recover damages. Remember, insurance companies want to avoid paying you the full compensation, which is why they’ll try to portray you as a bad driver.


Insurance Companies Will Claim That Your Injuries Are Pre-Existing
If your driving record includes multiple accidents, insurance companies will argue that your injuries could be pre-existing. However, they can’t argue that your condition as a result of the accident wouldn’t be as bad if you didn’t have pre-existing injuries. Ultimately, your attorney will have to gather evidence showing that your injuries are now worse because of the crash.


Contact a Car Accident Attorney for Assistance
Now’s the time to take action and recover the compensation that you deserve. Here at HHJ Trial Attorneys in Sa Diego, we always deliver the best possible results for our clients. We can offer you a free consultation and review your legal options.

Testimonial from Kyla, Injured Car Accident Victim
Elliot with HHJ Trial Attorneys was compassionate and quick to help my family after we were rear ended in a multi vehicle car accident. He referred us to amazing physicians who treated my sons head injury and concussion. He was persistent with the insurance company and successful in settling our case with myself as well as both of my children receiving a substantial amount for pain and suffering. More importantly my 9-year-old was able to overcome his brain injury and is now back to normal, playing sports and able to concentrate without headaches and dizziness. I recommend Elliot and HHJ Trial Attorneys, they are honest, trustworthy and truly care about their clients and their families!

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